Gina Carano is the face of Women\'s Mixed Martial Arts for two reasons - she is one of the top pound-for-pound female fighters in the sport and is undeniably gorgeous! The daughter of ex-Dallas Cowboy Glenn Carano, she was born April 16, 1982 in Texas and attended Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas, NV where she played basketball, volleyball, and softball. She stayed in NV for college majoring in psychology and ended up trying her hand at Muay Thai thereafter. After a 12-1-1 record in Muay Thai, she transitioned to MMA where she amassed 7 straight victories before suffering her first defeat at the hands of Cristiane Santos for the Strikeforce Women\'s Championship. She has appeared in several films and currently stars as \"Crush\" in the NBC hit American Gladiators. On the brink of becoming the next β€œit” girl in Hollywood, she recently snagged the lead role in the Steven Soderbergh film \"Knockout\". Gina Carano – a killer in and out of the cage.